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A Few Personal Injury Concepts For Superbowl Weekend

Attorney Jared Newman of South Florida Law wishes everyone in South Florida a safe and injury-free Super Bowl weekend.  As we celebrate and watch the game, let's be mindful of three very important legal concepts that help us to limit our liability and look after the best interests of others as well as of ourselves: [...]

The Pros and Cons of Using a Trust for Real Estate Investment

When investors choose to acquire property in Florida, they often do so via a Limited Liability Company LLC.  One alternative to the LLC is to hold the property in a trust. There are distinct advantages to using a trust, though the disadvantages should carefully be weighed-in to determine if a trust is the right [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Registered Agents

What is a Registered Agent? Sometimes called a statutory agent, agent of process or resident agent, the registered agent receives service of process on behalf of a business. Who can be a Registered Agent? Companies may choose to make a principal, employee, third party administrator or the company's legal counsel the Registered Agent. In [...]

Four Ways Trucking Accidents Legally Differ From Car Accidents

There are many reasons why trucking accidents are special cases in the field of personal injury.  Trucking accidents involve large vehicles that can potentially cause catastrophic damage in the case of an accident on a Florida highway or street.   Additionally, the trucking industry is collectively held to higher standards as drivers, employers, logistics companies and [...]

Before You Sign a Commercial Lease: Four Areas to Consider

Before you sign a commercial lease: Finding the right property for your business can be a complicated and time consuming process.  After finding the right tenant's agent, searching properly-zoned locations and short listing several properties for your business, there are four crucial steps that every tenant could take to ensure a successful outcome. These steps [...]

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The Complexities of Automobile Accident Cases

More injuries are caused by automobile accidents in the US than any other cause - making personal injury lawsuits related to auto accidents very common.  Despite being common, these cases are incredibly complex and require high burdens of proof, an analysis of the degree of liability of each party and often a legal battle [...]

Property Liens and Real Estate Transactions

Property Liens: 11% of transaction delays are caused by unresolved title-related issues on a property according to the 2017 Realtors Confidence Index.  The most common of these issues is the lien - a legal and financial barrier to prevent sale of a property until a debt has been resolved How Liens Delay Property Sales In [...]

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Premises Liability and Personal Injury

In Florida, property owners have a duty of care to protect visitors  from the dangers that lurk on their properties.  The extent to which an owner is liable for a visitor's personal injury, depends on a number of factors. These factors combined to create a spectrum of liability ranging from 100% liability in the most [...]

Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs a Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney - South Florida is one of the nation's hottest Real Estate markets. As result, the region is also home to more real estate agents than most other areas of similar size in the US.  In all, some 21,000 active real estate agents ply their trade between Boca Raton in the north and [...]

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