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Understanding Florida Property Valuation

Are you looking to sell or refinance a property in Florida? If so you will eventually require an official valuation of the price. In obtaining a valuation you have three options.  You can get a broker price opinion, a comparative market analysis, or an appraisal. These terms refer to three distinct types of property valuation [...]

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5 Great Florida Property Tax Appeals Numbers and Dates

Important Dates and Numbers for Property Tax Appeals August Throughout Florida, a Truth in Millage or TRIM Notice is mailed to property owners in August. Property tax appeals must reference the TRIM notice to be effective. 25 days Truth in Millage or TRIM Notice, comes with a 25-day property tax appeals window during which property [...]


Effective ways to Defend Your Business From Product Liability Claims

No Manufacturer, Distributor or Insurance Company is Immune No matter how much a business invests in ensuring the health and safety of its customers there is always some probability that product liability claims will be made by consumers who consider themselves wronged. As a manufacturer or distributor in the potential chain of liability, you should [...]

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Foreclosure Defense: How to Fight For Your Home in South Florida, Part II

In Part I of this Foreclosure Defense series we discussed “the final action” clause of the current moratorium signed by Governor Ron DeSantis’ providing for the courts to initiate foreclosure proceedings against homeowners in Florida.  Given that tens of thousands of Floridians have lost their jobs in the current economic climate, and that the current [...]

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Foreclosure Defense: How to Fight For Your Home in South Florida, Part I

Although “the final action” of foreclosures and evictions in Florida has been delayed by Governor DeSantis’ one-month long extension, a foreclosure “tidal wave” is possible once the moratorium is lifted on September 1st. Owner's should avoid becoming victims by mounting an effective foreclosure defense. In fact, the language of the new moratorium can be interpreted as [...]

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