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Home Resale Packages in Florida

Any residential real estate transaction can be paper-intensive for both the seller and buyer. This is especially true if the home in question is in a Florida-based homeowners association (HOA). This is because Florida HOA’s require a home resale packages to be delivered from the seller to the buyer.  Resale packages fill in the buyer [...]

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Defending Against Toxic Tort Litigation

The toxic tort litigation and environmental law practice areas cover a wide swatch of matters related to litigation and regulation involving hazardous waste, chemical and pharmaceutical exposure, foodborne illnesses and environmental damage due to products, byproducts and commodities. In these cases, the claimants normally take the form of a class of entities that attempt to [...]

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Preparing for Product Liability Defenses: Eight Items to Have in Place

Product liability defenses are are used in litigating matters related to allegedly defective products.  These products may be but are not limited to, automobile parts, aircraft parts, medications, medical devices and toys.  They may be any product or commodity that plaintiffs have identified as the cause of environmental harm, personal injury or death.  All designers, [...]

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International Arbitration 101

What is International Arbitration? International arbitration is a non-court centered means of resolving disputes between parties that agree to be held to the non-country specific standards of ethical conduct. It is one of several ways to handle legal disputes between businesses or individuals. What is the New York Convention? The New York Convention is the [...]

Why Companies Need a Business Lawyer

If you are in business in any capacity it is advisable that you seek the proactive legal assistance of a lawyer with experience in the specific areas of law that pertain to companies at different stages of development.   Proactively hiring a business lawyer can significantly save company owners time, money and hassle in the future.  [...]

The Role of the Closing Attorney: Q&A with Nima Ajabshir

Having a closing attorney to help you in the residential or commercial real estate buying or selling process can be a great help. Nima Ajabshir, Managing Partner of South Florida law explains in this short interview: Q: What does a closing attorney do? Nima Ajabshir, Esq.: A competent real estate closing attorney is a transaction [...]

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Business Exit Strategies: Part III – Business Dissolution

As mentioned in Part I and Part II of this Business Exit Strategies series, everything comes to an end eventually and businesses are no exception to that rule.  Because some sort of end to your business is inevitable (whether the business ends or you move on from it), it is advisable to make a plan [...]

Business Exit Strategies: Part II – Passing on to Others

This is the second installment in a series of business exit strategies for company owners.  As mentioned in Part I, everything comes to an end eventually and businesses are no exception to that rule.  As a business owner, the eventual end to your business (or to your involvement with your business) is inevitable, but you [...]

Business Exit Strategies Part I: IPOs and Mergers and Acquisitions

What business exit strategies have you considered? Everything comes to an end eventually and businesses are no exception to that rule.  The eventual end to your business (or to your involvement with your business) is inevitable. This may be due to your retirement, your sale of the business or your death.  Given that this is [...]

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