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Six Ways An HOA Might Detect A Business Being Run from a Property

A Florida homeowners' association (HOA) consists of homeowners from a particular geographic area who oversee the rules and regulations regarding what goes on in the community in which they live. HOAs arrange for maintenance of the common areas and they govern the community according to provisions and legal clauses in their bylaws and articles of [...]

Product Liability and the Product Life Cycle

Working closely with a product liability law partner helps you to manage the risks associated with consumer demands and claims against your business. This is true whether you are introducing a new product to the market or managing distribution for a product with a well-established market presence. The product life cycle begins during the research [...]

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Remedies for Breach of Contract in Construction Law

In contract law, a breach takes place whenever one of the parties to a contract fails in fulfilling its obligation or obligations as described in the contract. A breach is said to have taken place whether this failure took place partially or wholly.  The breaching party might also have communicated an intent to fail the [...]

Investing As An LLC

Most investors form LLC's when they invest in Florida Properties. Here are the pros and cons of choosing an LLC as an investment vehicle compared to other company formation types: Advantages Provides liability protection to property ownersProvides tax flexibility to property ownersAvoids the administrative burden of other company typesAvoids administrative costs Disadvantages Not all investors [...]

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