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Five Documents Needed By Nonprofits in Florida

Starting and running a nonprofit in Florida can be document-intensive. From the beginning, documents are required that define the scope and mission of the organization as well as the rules by which the organization is run. Later, once regular operations are underway, other documents could be created that govern the non-profit’s relationship with its beneficiaries, [...]


7 Estate Planning Facts to Consider As You File For Divorce

Plans change during a divorce.  Inheritance, beneficiary and guardianship arrangements that seemed ideal a few years prior suddenly seem unthinkable when faced with an impending and contentious divorce with a soon-to-be ex-spouse.   If you are in this situation, there are many reasons to consult an experienced Florida estate planning attorney in addition to an expert [...]

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Investing with an LLC

Previously we have written about using an LLC to invest in Real Estate.  However, there are many situations outside of real estate investing in which it makes sense to use the LLC business formation to make investments in company shares, bonds, ETFs and even non-traditional assets such as cryptocurrency.  Investing with an LLC can range [...]

Four Things You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Property management companies need to be aware of the potential areas of risk and exposure in the typical elevator maintenance contract.  In general, these contracts renew automatically at the end of each term and there may be little opportunity to renegotiate the contract once it is signed.  However, these are often not contracts of adhesion, [...]

Construction Surety Bonds

Construction surety bonds are securities issued by an insurer that guarantee financially that a construction company will perform their duties or pay a penalty to the contracting entity.  The construction company, which could be a general contractor or subcontractor, is called the principal.  The contracting entity, often a government or large corporation, is called the [...]

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