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When to Sue: When Litigation is Worth It

When it comes to hiring contractors, businesses and individuals in Florida often find themselves in a situation where the contractor has proven to be too incompetent or their service or product too inadequate to fulfill the purpose for which they were hired. When this occurs, the hiring party must determine if taking legal action is [...]


4 Ways Real Estate Market Conditions Affect Closings

When it comes to purchasing or selling a home, real estate market conditions can have a big impact on many of the legal aspects of the transaction. The market for home purchases is made up of two main players.  These include buyers searching for the best houses for the lowest cost, and sellers who are [...]

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Deciding Whether to Buy Within an HOA-Managed Community

If a prospective homeowner is looking to buy within an HOA it is worth doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if the relative inconvenience of purchasing a home and living within an HOA-governed area is worth the additional value of the property.  On the whole, properties within an HOA are worth more than their counterparts [...]