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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident cases are a complex and uniquely challenging subset of personal injury auto accidents.  Like auto accidents involving cars, motorcycle cases usually involve multiple insurance companies with different types of coverage and on the scene evidence including skid marks, vehicle damage and debris.   However, in many cases, the similarity stops there. Here are [...]

Suing a Drunk Driver in Florida

Driving under the influence (DUI), is a serious criminal offense in all 50 states including Florida. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can severely impair a driver’s ability to control their vehicle and is extremely dangerous.  In many cases, driving impaired by alcohol and drugs can lead to serious personal injury and death. [...]

Common Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases include auto accidents and trucking accidents; slip and fall or trip and fall accidents; pool and poolside accidents; intentional torts and more.  Many injuries can be life threatening and potentially result in wrongful death actions brought by the survivors of the accident victim. More commonly, people survive their accidents and become a [...]

Four Ways Trucking Accidents Legally Differ From Car Accidents

There are many reasons why trucking accidents are special cases in the field of personal injury.  Trucking accidents involve large vehicles that can potentially cause catastrophic damage in the case of an accident on a Florida highway or street.   Additionally, the trucking industry is collectively held to higher standards as drivers, employers, logistics companies and [...]

The Complexities of Automobile Accident Cases

More injuries are caused by automobile accidents in the US than any other cause - making personal injury lawsuits related to auto accidents very common.  Despite being common, these cases are incredibly complex and require high burdens of proof, an analysis of the degree of liability of each party and often a legal battle [...]

Rideshare Personal Injury Compensation

Rideshare Accidents: How Much Can You Get Paid In Compensation? Uber and Lyft rideshare services are convenient and affordable, but the convenience comes with risk. I your are injured in an accident, how much you can receive in damages depends on these four factors: 1) your injuries, 2) your attorney, 3) the drive, 4) the [...]