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10 Important Terms in Estate Planning Vocabulary

If you are suffering the loss of a close loved one, in addition to the pain of loss, you may also need to navigate the nomenclature and processes associated with managing the affairs of the person who has passed away.  It is best not to attempt to go through this process alone.  It is highly [...]

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Three Estate Planning Action Items For New Florida Residents

Many people choose to retire in Florida. With average high temperatures of 79.5°F year round, it is no surprise that the state - especially South Florida - has such a draw. Since a good number of retirees arrive here with wills drafted in other states, it's important to beware of the pitfalls of going into [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Trust for Real Estate Investment

When investors choose to acquire property in Florida, they often do so via a Limited Liability Company LLC.  One alternative to the LLC is to hold the property in a trust. There are distinct advantages to using a trust, though the disadvantages should carefully be weighed-in to determine if a trust is the right [...]

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