Five reasons why you should hire an estate attorney

  1. The probate phase is played out in court

Probate is a necessary step in the process of executing a last will and testament.  Because of the various moving parts in this process and the fact that is tried in court, it is essential that you hire an experienced estate attorney to guide the process.

  1. Florida State laws govern the process

States laws may prohibit certain actions from taking place even if they are spelled out as being essential in your will.  Here in Florida for example, specific rules govern who can (and who cannot) represent your estate after you pass away.  Assigning that role to someone who is eligible may require a lawyer versed in Florida estate planning law.

  1. Families are complex

Because all of our families have complexities, it is important that a legal representative with experience navigates your estate through any potential conflicts from problem relatives, creditors and others who could disrupt what you intended for your will to accomplish.

  1. Online forms are grossly inadequate

In estate planning, one template does not fit all estates.  Therefore, beware of downloadable documents that promise to save you money by providing instant solutions to complicated challenges.  In many cases, families pay more in probate due having to hire a lawyer to clear up the ambiguity and inadequacy of templated will and trust documents.  Avoid this scenario by hiring a lawyer to draft your will before you pass away.

  1. Final expenses may consume much of your estate’s value

Are creditors, health care costs, final income taxes and other bills likely to take a significant portion (or all) of your estate?  If so, then it is essential that a legal counsel be consulted prior to any payment of these obligations.  If your wish is for your will to be executed as written, it is essential that a knowledgeable and experienced probate attorney intervene on your behalf. Reach out to us for representation today.  Call us on (954) 900-8885 or send us a message via our contact form.

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