Florida Civil Statute of Limitations

In the State of Florida, civil cases must be brought before a court within a certain time frame if the case is to be heard.

The laws that state these time frames, usually in years, are called statutes of limitations.

Statutes of limitations apply for any civil matter including matters related to product liabilities claims. Governed by Florida Statute §95.011, below are the statute of limitations for various civil cases depending on specific factors:

Written Contract: 5 years

Oral contract: 4 years

Personal Injury: 4 years

Property damage: 4 years

If you own or manage a company facing a civil lawsuit it is important not to “go it alone” in handling the matter. There are a number of issues that may “toll” or delay the statute of limitations clock and it is important to engage an experienced legal counsel who can advise on what strategies would be appropriate in specific cases.

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