• Silhouette construction workers fabricating steel reinforcement bar at the construction site

Construction Surety Bonds

Construction surety bonds are securities issued by an insurer that guarantee financially that a construction company will perform their duties or pay a penalty to the contracting [...]

  • Portrait beautiful young asian woman with parcel box on red isolated background

Product Liability and the Product Life Cycle

Working closely with a product liability law partner helps you to manage the risks associated with consumer demands and claims against your business. This is true whether [...]

  • Infographic about 4 advantage and 2 disadvantages of investing as an LLC.

Investing As An LLC

Most investors form LLC's when they invest in Florida Properties. Here are the pros and cons of choosing an LLC as an investment vehicle compared to other [...]


Common Real Estate Scams

For most people, real estate accounts for larger sums of money paid out on a monthly basis than all other expenses and liabilities.  Adding in the four [...]


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