Practicing Smart Innovation – Why Your Business Should Consult A Product Liability Lawyer

Product Liability Lawyer – Product innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of business, allowing for the exercise of creativity and design that has the potential to lead to unprecedented business growth. If not conducted properly, however, product development can give rise to numerous legal issues that may prevent that product from ever going to market. Such legal issues include unexpected legal requirements and regulations, product liability and business disputes. To ensure smart and successful product development, it is important to involve legal counsel from the beginning. An experienced product liability lawyer can assist at every step in the development process to help execute a product development team’s vision. 

Business attorneys must be brought in early 

One mistake businesses often make is waiting until a product is completed to consult a lawyer. When a business waits until after a product has been developed, they may encounter unexpected setbacks concerning legal issues. Oftentimes, businesses are ready to take their finished product to market when they discover that amendments must be made to meet legal requirements. This wastes time and expenditure as businesses must return to the drawing board to ensure their product is up to legal standard. By involving a business attorney from the beginning, businesses can ensure they have a strong understanding of all legal requirements and potential pitfalls concerning their product. This knowledge can then be taken into consideration during product development to ensure a viable product.

Business attorneys should be consulted early in the development process and remain a source of legal expertise during every stage of development. By foreseeing potential risks at each stage, business attorneys will proactively help businesses protect their assets and avoid potential lawsuits. A few of the areas in which business attorneys can provide expertise include intellectual property, product liability and business litigation. 

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind such as inventions, literary or artistic works, designs, names or symbols used in commerce. During product development, concerns with intellectual property are typically twofold.  Firstly, ensuring the business has an exclusive position on their product to protect itself from competitors. Secondly, protecting product development teams from accusations of intellectual property infringement. Business attorneys and experienced intellectual property lawyers can help businesses navigate the complexities of patents, trademarks and copyrights to ensure all intellectual property concerns are resolved before the product goes to market. 

“An experienced product liability lawyer can assist at every step in the development process to help execute a product development team’s vision.” 

Product liability is the legal risk a business faces as a result of producing or selling a product that may cause harm to a person. By involving a business attorney during the development process, businesses can better anticipate and correct any issues with regards to potential product liability lawsuits. The possibility of a defective product in the hands of a consumer can have devastating legal consequences. Two ways a company can effectively protect itself before and after the product goes to market are transferring risk through product liability insurance and retaining an experienced product liability lawyer.

Business litigation involves disputes arising from commercial and business relationships. During product development, it is likely that businesses enter into contracts with suppliers, partners or other business entities that involve a myriad of legal requirements. Therefore, businesses will want to ensure they are properly equipped to handle any disputes that may occur during and after product development.  One effective way businesses can protect themselves from harmful and costly legal disputes is by hiring a business litigation attorney. Business litigation attorneys work to resolve business disagreements without court involvement, which is a costly and time consuming process that can have devastating financial effects on businesses. 

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