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Product Liability Law

South Florida Law represents manufacturers of a broad range of products throughout the United States in state, federal and multidistrict litigation.

We have substantial experience handling defense claims for insurance carriers. Their insured’s and self-insured companies involving diverse line of products. We have backgrounds in the defense of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and all parties named in product liability cases.

We achieve desirable results by working together with our clients to develop cost-effective defense strategies, consulting with engineers to develop solid defenses, retaining respected experts to support our case and aggressively deposing opponents’ experts.

If you or your company has been accused of causing harm to the environment or injury to others by the release of toxic or allegedly toxic materials, you should contact an experienced toxic torts defense lawyer.

Our attorneys regularly represent clients in a variety of product liability matters, including:

  • Automobile parts

  • Aviation parts

  • Consumer products

  • Machinery

  • Medical products

  • Equipment and systems failure

  • Industrial equipment

  • Construction equipment

  • Propane and fuel gasses

  • Recreational products and equipment

  • Watercraft and marine parts

In many cases, a product may have been safely designed and properly labelled.  In such cases there may still be a cause of action from improper manufacture.   Even though a factory typically may produce well-designed and properly assembled products, some of the products they produce will have defects that have escaped the often strict quality control measure of the company.  Although the hazards caused may be only present in a minority of the products produced and distributed by the companies in the chain of commerce, these companies in whole or in part may be still strictly liable for the defects.

    Appeal Your Broward or Miami-Dade Property Taxes Before Sept 18th.
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