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It’s Property Tax Season: Appeal Your Property Tax Before You Pay It

Are you a property owner in the State of Florida?  If so, you need to pay property tax. However, the amount your county has asked you to pay them may be too high.  In this case, you have the right to appeal the amount for which you have been assessed. South Florida Law PLLC appeals property tax on behalf of Florida residents and businesses every summer. If your property is in Miami-Dade or Broward County your appeal will have to be filed before the mid-September deadline.

Receiving Your “TRIM Notice”

The Office of the Property Appraiser or relevant tax authority in your Florida county will issue you a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes.  This is also called a TRIM (Truth In Millage) Notice. Your TRIM notice states your property tax liability based on its class (agricultural, commercial, industrial or residential) and an ad valorem calculation. In other words, your county calculates your property in large part based on the county’s estimation of its market value.  

Your Right to Appeal

The market value that the county tax authority assigned to your home or place of business is disputable. Property values fluctuate and often the tax liability on your county’s TRIM Notice may not have considered factors affecting the true market value of your house. You have the right to appeal your property taxes and it is recommended that you seek professional legal representation to file your appeal.

Filing Your Property Tax Appeal

Before filing your property tax appeal, it is important to be aware of your filing deadline and any factors affecting the true value of your property. 

The deadline for property tax appeals in Miami-Dade and Broward County is 25 days after the receipt of your TRIM Notice. One way to ensure that a timely and error-free filing is received before the deadline is to instruct a legal professional with experience in filing property tax appeals in your county. South Florida Law has years of experience in Miami-Dade and Broward county and only charges fees on a contingency basis.  That means that property owners only pay the firm if the appeal is successful.

There are many reasons why the value of your property may be lower than the amount for which you have been assessed.  For example, an experienced real estate attorney will be able to determine what evidence is needed to make a case for an appeal.  Would an official appraisal of your property be a good investment? Should your appeal cite comparable properties in your area? Do current repairs underway on or near your property reduce your value? Your legal advisor will be able to decipher these questions and others and determine whether an appeal would be advisable. 

Once your case is ready to present, having a real estate attorney represent you to your Florida county reduces the time and uncertainty that many businesses and individuals face in the filing process.  

Other Ways to Reduce Property Tax Liability

A successful appeal reduces the value assessment of your property.  You or your business is still responsible for paying property tax at the original rate at which you were originally assessed. There are, however, other ways to reduce your property tax liability.  Your real estate attorney can advise you on whether property tax exemptions based on age, disability or military status apply. For commercial properties, ask your lawyer if your specific location, industry and other factors could reduce your property tax liability.

Would you like to file a property tax appeal? Start a case by sending South Florida Law, PLLC your TRIM Notice and basic information using this secure web form

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