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Florida business and corporate law covers a wide variety of commercial matters. At South Florida Law, PLLC this practice area includes the sub-categories of Business Formation, Contract Disputes and Commercial Transactions.

Franchising in the US and Florida

Franchising occurs when one company (the franchisee) gains the rights to use the brands and business model of another company (the franchisor) for a fixed period of time for an agreed fee. The name of the business that is formed by the franchisee is called a franchise. For the franchisor, the franchise is a way [...]

Investing with an LLC

Previously we have written about using an LLC to invest in Real Estate.  However, there are many situations outside of real estate investing in which it makes sense to use the LLC business formation to make investments in company shares, bonds, ETFs and even non-traditional assets such as cryptocurrency.  Investing with an LLC can range [...]

Four Things You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Property management companies need to be aware of the potential areas of risk and exposure in the typical elevator maintenance contract.  In general, these contracts renew automatically at the end of each term and there may be little opportunity to renegotiate the contract once it is signed.  However, these are often not contracts of adhesion, [...]

Remedies for Breach of Contract in Construction Law

In contract law, a breach takes place whenever one of the parties to a contract fails in fulfilling its obligation or obligations as described in the contract. A breach is said to have taken place whether this failure took place partially or wholly.  The breaching party might also have communicated an intent to fail the [...]

Investing As An LLC

Most investors form LLC's when they invest in Florida Properties. Here are the pros and cons of choosing an LLC as an investment vehicle compared to other company formation types: Advantages Provides liability protection to property ownersProvides tax flexibility to property ownersAvoids the administrative burden of other company typesAvoids administrative costs Disadvantages Not all investors [...]

Non-resident Alien Investors (Part II): Six Things to Consider When Selecting a Property in Florida

As stated in Part I of this series in which we discussed finding the right advisors for non-resident alien investors, the State of Florida is a wonderland of real estate investment opportunities.  With hundreds of major cities and suburbs to choose from, commercial and residential properties waiting for the right investor abound.  However, there are [...]

Non-resident Alien Investors (Part I): Four Things to Consider When Selecting Advisors in Florida

The State of Florida is a wonderland of real estate investment opportunities for non-resident alien investors.  With hundreds of major cities and suburbs to choose from, commercial and residential properties waiting for the right investor abound.  However, there are many pitfalls to avoid when investing in property in Florida  - and these pitfalls are particularly [...]

International Arbitration 101

What is International Arbitration? International arbitration is a non-court centered means of resolving disputes between parties that agree to be held to the non-country specific standards of ethical conduct. It is one of several ways to handle legal disputes between businesses or individuals. What is the New York Convention? The New York Convention is the [...]

Why Companies Need a Business Lawyer

If you are in business in any capacity it is advisable that you seek the proactive legal assistance of a lawyer with experience in the specific areas of law that pertain to companies at different stages of development.   Proactively hiring a business lawyer can significantly save company owners time, money and hassle in the future.  [...]

Business Exit Strategies: Part III – Business Dissolution

As mentioned in Part I and Part II of this Business Exit Strategies series, everything comes to an end eventually and businesses are no exception to that rule.  Because some sort of end to your business is inevitable (whether the business ends or you move on from it), it is advisable to make a plan [...]

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