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Florida business and corporate law covers a wide variety of commercial matters. At South Florida Law, PLLC this practice area includes the sub-categories of Business Formation, Contract Disputes and Commercial Transactions.

Florida Business Law Matters

Running a business in Florida requires a basic understanding of the business law and the financial frameworks that govern the various day-to-day components of company ownership.  These include company formation, holding and transferring shares of the company, protecting the interests of the business owners, drafting and reviewing business documents and managing business disputes when they [...]

Choice of Law and Venue in Business Contracts

Florida businesses often include “choice of law” and “choice of venue” provisions in their contracts that stipulate the agreement be governed, construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida or another state or nation of the parties’ choosing. These choice of law and venue provisions provide the contracting parties [...]

Drafting a Sales Contract

Sales contracts are legally binding written agreements that govern a transaction between a buyer and a seller. When drafting or reviewing a sales agreement for a business, there are two questions that can be asked before the contract can be considered complete.  Firstly, does the sales contract cover all bases required to ensure that all [...]

Property Management FAQs

Property Management FAQs Property Management FAQs Property owners who are considering hiring a property manager look forward to outsourcing many of the day-to-day maintenance and administrative tasks related to managing a property and its tenants. However, managing a property management company can be a challenge in and of itself. Here at South Florida law we [...]

Preparing to Sell Your Business? You’ll Need These Business Sales Documents

Business Sales Documents - Selling a business is very document intensive. Potential buyers and the accountants, bankers, brokers and lawyers working on their behalf will want to conduct a due diligence process.  In due diligence, the buyer and their advisors inspect the contracts and financials behind a company prior to making an offer.  When an [...]

Forming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit in Florida

Forming a 501(c)(3) is the most common method of registering a nonprofit corporation in the United States.  501(c)(3) nonprofits are eligible for federal and state tax exemptions and have been created for one or more of the following purposes: Religious advocacy or worshipCharitable workScientific research, discussion or recognition In support of the artsEducation When forming a [...]

Pandemic Business Practices Worth Keeping

Almost every part of the American economy is opening up now and many of the businesses here in Florida have been operating at near pre-pandemic levels of activity.  As we open up as a society it is worth pausing to reflect on the new activities, habits and protocols that we committed to during the pandemic.  [...]

Franchising in the US and Florida

Franchising occurs when one company (the franchisee) gains the rights to use the brands and business model of another company (the franchisor) for a fixed period of time for an agreed fee. The name of the business that is formed by the franchisee is called a franchise. For the franchisor, the franchise is a way [...]

Investing with an LLC

Previously we have written about using an LLC to invest in Real Estate.  However, there are many situations outside of real estate investing in which it makes sense to use the LLC business formation to make investments in company shares, bonds, ETFs and even non-traditional assets such as cryptocurrency.  Investing with an LLC can range [...]

Four Things You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Property management companies need to be aware of the potential areas of risk and exposure in the typical elevator maintenance contract.  In general, these contracts renew automatically at the end of each term and there may be little opportunity to renegotiate the contract once it is signed.  However, these are often not contracts of adhesion, [...]