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Our Commercial Litigation Practice Covers a Wide Variety Commercial Matters

South Florida Law, PLLC is here to protect your company in commercial litigation matters.  We represent commercial interests in making claims and in defense against claims in the following areas: 

  • Consumer Disputes

  • Breach of Contract

  • Insurance Disputes

    Every civil litigation in the Florida system begins with a pleading, which is a formal statement of a party’s claim or defenses to a claim. This vital part of the legal process outlines to the court the issues to be considered by the judge and if applicable the jury making the final decision.  South Florida Law works closely with our clients to draft a written statement that best represents their interests in court.

    After pleading, the next step in commercial litigation is discovery.  In the discovery phase, each party to the business litigation discloses to each other documents relevant to the legal action.  South Florida Law ensures that, through the law of civil procedure, this essential due diligence phase is conducted professionally and effectively.  In particular, we will ensure that other parties comply with compulsory disclosure and contract investigation services if required.

    As South Florida’s premier trial lawyers, South Florida Law represents our clients in the formal presentation of evidence before a judge, and if applicable a jury in civil proceedings.  We also work for our clients in arbitrations before arbitrators and tribunals.

    An appeal is a process in civil litigation by which a decision of a lower court is challenged in a higher court of law.  South Florida Law can determine if your case has a chance of appeal and, if so, provide the aggressive representation needed to obtain a favorable result in a higher court.  If the other party initiates the appeal, South Florida Law provides the evidence necessary to support the decision reached by the original court.