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Medicaid planning includes the structuring of assets prior to a Medicaid application, assistance in completing a Medicaid application, appealing unsuccessful Medicaid applications and protecting homes from Medicaid by avoiding the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.

Medicaid Planning Facts

Florida Medicaid is the state and federal partnership that provides health coverage for selected categories of people, including the elderly, in Florida. Because having low income and virtually no assets is an eligibility requirement, one of the most complex areas of estate planning involves preparing someone with significant income and assets for eventual Medicaid eligibility.  [...]

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Qualified Income Trusts (A Medicaid Solution for Florida Residents)

Long-term care for seniors delivered in a nursing home setting can be prohibitively expensive for most people. Still, some 70% of those over 65 are expected to need long-term care with 20% of seniors likely to require it for five or more years. Medicaid provides financial assistance to those requiring long-term care and qualified income [...]

Navigating Medicaid Means Testing

By most people’s standards, a nursing home can be very expensive. It is not unusual to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 a month to a facility for an individual (or double that cost for a couple). Medicaid means testing ensures that the people who have the greatest financial need for coverage receive Medicaid benefits. [...]