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The Five Areas of Expertise of a Good Product Counsel

Product counsels are lawyers who work with product managers and entrepreneurs to develop a product that gives consumers a unique and compelling user experience while managing the risks. Unlike other area specialists, a good product counsel needs to have experience in multiple practice areas in order to protect the product, the company and the consumer. [...]

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Product Liability and the Product Life Cycle

Working closely with a product liability law partner helps you to manage the risks associated with consumer demands and claims against your business. This is true whether you are introducing a new product to the market or managing distribution for a product with a well-established market presence. The product life cycle begins during the research [...]

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Defending Against Toxic Tort Litigation

The toxic tort litigation and environmental law practice areas cover a wide swatch of matters related to litigation and regulation involving hazardous waste, chemical and pharmaceutical exposure, foodborne illnesses and environmental damage due to products, byproducts and commodities. In these cases, the claimants normally take the form of a class of entities that attempt to [...]

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Preparing for Product Liability Defenses: Eight Items to Have in Place

Product liability defenses are are used in litigating matters related to allegedly defective products.  These products may be but are not limited to, automobile parts, aircraft parts, medications, medical devices and toys.  They may be any product or commodity that plaintiffs have identified as the cause of environmental harm, personal injury or death.  All designers, [...]

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Challenges and Solutions: False Product Liability Claims

While consumers have the right to be protected from products that can cause them harm, too often businesses are forced into defending themselves from false product liability claims.   The deck is stacked against businesses who find themselves defending against product liability claims in Florida.  Let’s explore the challenges:  Unequal fee structures Malicious or greedy consumers [...]

2020-12-21T00:09:07+00:00Product Liability Law|

Three Ways to Mitigate Your Risk of Product Defect Claims

If your company manufactures or sells a product then there is always a chance that the product can be said to have a defect.  Should the alleged defect cause a consumer injury or property damage, your business could be held legally liable. Businesses have typically managed the risks associated with product defects in three ways: [...]

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Effective ways to Defend Your Business From Product Liability Claims

No Manufacturer, Distributor or Insurance Company is Immune No matter how much a business invests in ensuring the health and safety of its customers there is always some probability that product liability claims will be made by consumers who consider themselves wronged. As a manufacturer or distributor in the potential chain of liability, you should [...]

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Practicing Smart Innovation – Why Your Business Should Consult A Product Liability Lawyer

Product Liability Lawyer - Product innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of business, allowing for the exercise of creativity and design that has the potential to lead to unprecedented business growth. If not conducted properly, however, product development can give rise to numerous legal issues that may prevent that product from ever going [...]

Not Just for Manufacturers: Product Liability Insurance and a Product Liability Lawyer

Two ways many companies can effectively protect themselves are 1) transferring risk through product liability insurance and 2) by retaining an experienced product liability lawyer. Any business that deals in the distribution or selling of goods runs the risk of accidentally putting a defective product in the hands of a consumer. While companies work hard [...]

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