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What to Know Before Serving in an HOA or Condo Association

The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or Condo Association is the governing administration of a housing or condominium community.  The vast majority of new developments and nearly every condo or townhome development in the State of Florida has an HOA board that is made up of volunteer homeowners. There are some basics that all residents who are [...]

HOA or Condo Association Disputes

Homeowners associations (HOAs) and condo associations, from time to time, end up in potential legal conflicts with their residents. These HOA or condo association disputes are often resolvable through means other than going to court.  While residents may represent themselves in these disputes there are distinct advantages to hiring an attorney experienced in handling similar [...]

Four Things You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Property management companies need to be aware of the potential areas of risk and exposure in the typical elevator maintenance contract.  In general, these contracts renew automatically at the end of each term and there may be little opportunity to renegotiate the contract once it is signed.  However, these are often not contracts of adhesion, [...]

Six Ways An HOA Might Detect A Business Being Run from a Property

A Florida homeowners' association (HOA) consists of homeowners from a particular geographic area who oversee the rules and regulations regarding what goes on in the community in which they live. HOAs arrange for maintenance of the common areas and they govern the community according to provisions and legal clauses in their bylaws and articles of [...]

About Leasehold Law (Florida)

What is a leasehold agreement? A leasehold is a long-term rental agreement with a minimum term of 40 years but that can last several decades longer, sometimes up to 120 years.  Leasehold law differs from short term rental agreements in that leaseholders (the equivalent of a tenant in a short lease agreement) have a very [...]

Workouts for Commercial Landlords and Tenants

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the Florida economy, commercial landlords and tenants are more frequently looking at ways to accommodate each other.  Although these tenants are not getting the full benefit of their office space right now, most are still required to pay the rent.  As the pandemic drags on, these businesses are [...]

Facing HOA Challenges During the COVID-19 Quarantine

As most Americans are currently quarantined in their houses, across the country and across Florida businesses have largely transferred their duty of care to the Community Associations where their employees live.   This means that while many parts of the economy come to a standstill, America’s Homeowner Associations and Condominium Associations are busier than ever. Amidst [...]

Airbnb Owners: Beware of these Five Legal Pitfalls

Airbnb and Vrbo are the most popular of several "peer-to-peer" online services that allow you to share a residence you own with visitors for a fee. These platforms provide an excellent way to earn money either as a side income or as a full-time business. Despite its many advantages in terms of independence and being [...]

HOA and Condo Association Law: Five Residents’ Rights That Are Required To Be Respected

HOA and Condo Association Law: Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Associations are very unique in that are often run by elected individuals who have little legal and real estate experience.  Nevertheless, HOAs and condominium associations are governed by complex laws that specify certain rights and obligations to residents. Board members and staff of HOAs and [...]

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