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Trial Lawyers and Civil Litigation Attorneys

South Florida Law, provides aggressive and competent representation on both sides of civil litigations cases. We are a boutique law firm with big firm resources that allowing us to negotiate effectively with and go to trial against large first-tier multinational firms. As our client, you benefit from having partner-level involvement in every aspect of your case and from South Florida Law’s economical billing and flexible payment options.

Litigation at South Florida Law covers representation in matters related to:   

  • Breach of contract

  • Contested acquisitions

  • Consumer disputes

  • Insurance disputes

  • Partner disputes

  • Property disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

    Under Florida law, pleadings are official written claims or defenses to a party’s or parties’ claims in civil litigation. Pleadings take place early in the civil litigation process and determine the items to be judged in arbitration or court.  South Florida Law works with you from the earliest stage of your case to ensure that pleas are entered professionally and with the best chances of success going into a civil action.

    Discovery is the process by which one party to a dispute presents evidence to the other in the due diligence process that takes place before a trial.  At South Florida law we have the big firm resources to conduct thorough discovery and the boutique firm attention-to-detail that allows senior partner involvement in all stages of your case. 

    A trial is the coming together of parties in a court or arbitration environment before a judge, tribunal and or jury to determine the extent of liability, fault and damages in a civil case.  At South Florida Law, we aggressively represent our clients at mediations, arbitrations, court trials and appeals court.

    In civil litigation, an appeal is where a case is reviewed by a higher court and consideration is given to reversing a decision made by a lower court.  South Florida Law’s attorneys will determine if you have a appealable case. If so we will aggressively pursue you appeal in higher courts with a view to overturning the decision of a lower court.