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Contingent Payment Clauses in Florida Construction Law

Construction contracts typically have contingent payment clauses that state that a contractor will pay their subcontractors once the contractor has been paid by the property owner.  These construction contract clauses shift the risk associated with payment so that the risk is shared between the contractor and all of its subcontractors.   Based on a precedent set [...]


Five reasons why you should hire an estate attorney

The probate phase is played out in court Probate is a necessary step in the process of executing a last will and testament.  Because of the various moving parts in this process and the fact that is tried in court, it is essential that you hire an experienced estate attorney to guide the process. Florida [...]

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Real Estate Lawyer vs Title Company

A title company can sometimes cost more than a real estate lawyer - but you get a lot less for your money.  Even if you find a similarly priced title company, there are significant advantages to choosing a law firm instead. For example a title company represents and insurance company rather than you. Also, a [...]

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About Leasehold Law (Florida)

What is a leasehold agreement? A leasehold is a long-term rental agreement with a minimum term of 40 years but that can last several decades longer, sometimes up to 120 years.  Leasehold law differs from short term rental agreements in that leaseholders (the equivalent of a tenant in a short lease agreement) have a very [...]

Challenges and Solutions: False Product Liability Claims

While consumers have the right to be protected from products that can cause them harm, too often businesses are forced into defending themselves from false product liability claims.   The deck is stacked against businesses who find themselves defending against product liability claims in Florida.  Let’s explore the challenges:  Unequal fee structures Malicious or greedy consumers [...]

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The Importance of Contract Review

Contract review by an experienced local business lawyer is essential because contracts and agreements are legally binding documents.  That means that the parties are legally obligated to comply with the terms, conditions and responsibilities laid out in these documents. It also means that if there is any future disagreement, an arbitrator or a court of [...]

Matters of Import and Export Law

Doing business with an import or export partner abroad?  Here are some of the most common issues you may face in import and export law. Reciprocity of international contracts When you have a contract in place with a business based abroad, it is a good idea to check if there is a reciprocity treaty between [...]

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