Real Estate Lawyer vs Title Company

A title company can sometimes cost more than a real estate lawyer – but you get a lot less for your money.  Even if you find a similarly priced title company, there are significant advantages to choosing a law firm instead. For example a title company represents and insurance company rather than you. Also, a real estate lawyer can draft and review legal documents, whereas a title insurance company cannot.

Purchasing real estate is a major investment. Make sure to hire an experienced real estate attorney to represent your side of the transaction and make your best interests their priority.

South Florida Law PLLC

At South Florida Law, we have both the big firm resources to dedicate to your real estate transactions and the boutique firm attention to detail and pricing.  We are both a title agency and a law firm, which means that we can handle your title insurance as well as help you negotiate, add addenda to your real estate contract and clear your title of any clouds we discover during a search of the property’s title.  Are you considering a property purchase or sale in the State of Florida?  Then reach out to us for representation today.  Call us on (954) 900-8885 or send us a message via our contact form.

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