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HOAs in Florida

HOAs in Florida Nationwide, HOAs collect $96 billion per year from homeowners.There are 49,000 HOAs in FloridaRoughly 9.6 million Floridians live in HOA communities.Each Florida HOA has on average 200 residents.45% of the state’s population lives in HOA communities.>65% of Florida homeowners are part of HOAs.Some 3.5 million Florida homes are part of HOA communities.Homeownership [...]

Rental Mobile Home Parks in Florida

In the State of Florida, there are two major types of mobile home parks.  The first type is called a single-entity-owned park.  These parks lease the lots to residents who thus have a tenant/landlord relationship with the park.  The second type are resident-owned mobile home parks, where the residents each own both their mobile home and [...]

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Who’s Who in an HOA?

A homeowner's association (HOA) is an organization that governs a planned community or condominium building.  It consists of members, directors and officers and enforces rules across all of the association’s common area property as well as rules imposed upon owners and residents. Homeowners who are members of a homeowners association (HOA) may want to understand [...]

Q&A: Florida HOA Board Member Certification

In order to ensure all board members of homeowners associations (HOAs), condo associations, mobile home associations and co-op associations are up to speed on applicable regulations, board members are required to obtain a certification.  Question: How much time do board members have to complete the certification course and pass the test? Answer: Board directors must [...]

Florida Property Taxes by the Numbers

The following numbers are a breakdown of important dates and statistics for property taxpayers in Florida.  Taxpayers can take this information into consideration when deciding whether to appeal their property taxes each year. .83% is the average effective property tax rate in Florida, lower than the national average of 1.08% South Florida average county tax [...]

Four Different Types of Planned Community Associations

Many community associations including HOAs, Condo Associations and Cooperatives all have similar characteristics.  However, there exist differences depending on the types of residences under management and the type of financial arrangement made by the owners of the homes.  There are four distinct types of association in the state of Florida. Planned Community HOAs Planned communities [...]

Condo Associations and Their Responsibilities

The recent tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida has drawn the nation’s attention to condo associations in this state. Much of this attention centers on the roles, characteristics and responsibilities of condo associations throughout Florida.  Florida condo associations are fiduciaries, (usually) non-profit entities, consist of decision-making panels of community representatives and are [...]

Emotional Support Animals and Florida Condo Associations

Chapter 760 of the Florida Statutes protects residents of the state who need emotional support animals (ESA) while penalizing providers of fake online certificates that are designed to claim that any animal is an ESA. The statute specifies the type of certification used to verify an ESA, therefore protecting those who have legitimately documented animals [...]

Five Steps to Multijurisdictional Estate Planning

For many, the warmer climate and a lack of state income tax make Florida an attractive location for people to take up residence for at least a part of the year.  Many people from other US states as well as other countries make this decision every year. For these individuals and families, a multijurisdictional estate [...]

Property Tax and Property Tax Appeals in Florida

Florida is one of a handful of US states that does not charge an income tax.  Local governments however do receive revenue from property taxes that are charged each year to property owners throughout the state. Commercial and residential property owners may file property tax appeals if they disagree with the amount that they are [...]

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