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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Title Insurance

Lawyers from South Florida Law are some of South Florida’s most active real estate closing attorneys.  In addition to being a full-service real estate law firm, South Florida Law is also a title insurance company providing title search and title insurance policies to buyers when a property is purchased.    With offices in Hollywood, Hallandale [...]

Closing Considerations for Real Estate Investors

Real estate closings are a crucial part of the property investing process. Closing day is the day when ownership of the property transfers from the seller to the buyer. Having the right legal support for closing day is vital for real estate investors. Having access to an experienced real estate attorney can ensure that closings go [...]

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Ending a Joint Tenancy in Florida: A Step-by-Step Guide

A joint tenancy is a form of co-ownership in which two or more individuals own a property together. In Florida, a joint tenancy can be terminated in several ways, including through the sale of the property, death of a joint tenant, or mutual agreement between the tenants. The following steps outline the process of ending [...]

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Minimizing Rental Property Liabilities

As investments in the capital markets are expected to yield lower returns in coming years, many investors are turning to real estate, and in particular single-family or multi-family rental properties, to create growth in their investment portfolio. Unlike capital markets investments, investing in a rental property or properties comes with direct exposure to liability.  Investors [...]

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Real Estate Litigation in Florida

Real estate litigation in Florida involves disputes or legal issues that arise during the buying, selling, or owning of property in the state. These disputes can range from contract disputes between buyers and sellers to disputes between landlords and tenants, to issues related to zoning and land use. One common type of real estate litigation [...]

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4 Ways Real Estate Market Conditions Affect Closings

When it comes to purchasing or selling a home, real estate market conditions can have a big impact on many of the legal aspects of the transaction. The market for home purchases is made up of two main players.  These include buyers searching for the best houses for the lowest cost, and sellers who are [...]

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Deciding Whether to Buy Within an HOA-Managed Community

If a prospective homeowner is looking to buy within an HOA it is worth doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if the relative inconvenience of purchasing a home and living within an HOA-governed area is worth the additional value of the property.  On the whole, properties within an HOA are worth more than their counterparts [...]

Removing a Board Member from A Homeowners Association

If homeowners are having difficulty removing a board member from their homeowners association (HOA), they may want to consider seeking professional legal assistance. Legal counsel can help homeowners navigate the often complex process of removing a board member from your HOA. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you every step of [...]

HOA Open Meetings vs Closed Meetings

Homeowners Association (HOA) open meetings can be held in open sessions where all members can attend. Alternatively, HOA meetings can also be held in closed, private sessions that are not announced to the community of members.   Deciding which topics warrant discussion in a closed session or open session must be done with care.  HOA or [...]

Implementing Electronic Voting in Associations

A legal framework supporting electronic voting by homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium owners associations (COAs) has existed in Florida since 2015.  However, it was during the two years following the pandemic of 2020 that the use of electronic voting by associations went into overdrive.  Now that the use of secure Internet-based platforms to gather and [...]