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How Easements Legally Affect Your Real Estate Investment

Easements grant others access to owned property and can come in official and unofficial forms. They can start with an agreement or simply evolve over time. Here we explore what an easement is and what legal matters may arise around the concept of non-owner property use and access. What is an Easement? An easement [...]

Rideshare Personal Injury Compensation

Rideshare Accidents: How Much Can You Get Paid In Compensation? Uber and Lyft rideshare services are convenient and affordable, but the convenience comes with risk. I your are injured in an accident, how much you can receive in damages depends on these four factors: 1) your injuries, 2) your attorney, 3) the drive, 4) [...]

The Real Estate LLC Holding Company: Clear Benefits and Areas to Beware

Setting up an LLC for your real estate investment can have pros and cons. Retain an experienced real estate attorney to make sure that your LLC is set-up and run in a way that avoids the pitfalls. The modern Limited Liability Company first began in Wyoming in 1977. The first LLCs were primarily small [...]

Before You Move To Florida…

“Need to Know” Tax and Legal Matters Related to Florida Residency Welcome to Sunny Florida! This time of year, thousands of people across the Northern Hemisphere from New York to London to Moscow dream of buying a house in the Miami area and making Florida their home. The attorneys of South Florida Law PLLC [...]

The Legal Side of Due Diligence

Whenever one business is considering the purchase of another, the acquiring side typically evaluates the potential target to gather information about the value and risks involved with buying the business.  This process is called “due diligence” and it includes analyzing the business’ legal posture, accounting details, intellectual property and the particulars of its ownership.When conducting [...]

Should I Start a New Business?

I ndividuals or company representatives may consider creating a new business for a number of different reasons.  Knowing the legal pros and cons of each option could be a major factor in the success of a start-up. Perhaps a company planning a new brand, partnership, revenue stream, territory, product or service may benefit from [...]

It’s Property Tax Season: Appeal Your Property Tax Before You Pay It

Are you a property owner in the State of Florida?  If so, you need to pay property tax. However, the amount your county has asked you to pay them may be too high.  In this case you have the right to appeal the amount for which you have been assessed. South Florida Law PLLC [...]