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Qualified Income Trusts (A Medicaid Solution for Florida Residents)

Long-term care for seniors delivered in a nursing home setting can be prohibitively expensive for most people. Still, some 70% of those over 65 are expected to need long-term care with 20% of seniors likely to require it for five or more years. Medicaid provides financial assistance to those requiring long-term care and qualified income [...]

Developer-HOA Transitions (Navigating the Process)

Many community associations begin life under the sole management of a real estate development company. Then there is a transition period in which the real estate developer passes control of the association to the community’s homeowners.  In Florida, the process and timing of a developer transition are closely regulated by Florida Statute 720.307 – Transition [...]


Navigating Medicaid Means Testing

By most people’s standards, a nursing home can be very expensive. It is not unusual to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 a month to a facility for an individual (or double that cost for a couple). Medicaid means testing ensures that the people who have the greatest financial need for coverage receive Medicaid benefits. [...]

HOAs in Florida

HOAs in Florida Nationwide, HOAs collect $96 billion per year from homeowners.There are 49,000 HOAs in FloridaRoughly 9.6 million Floridians live in HOA communities.Each Florida HOA has on average 200 residents.45% of the state’s population lives in HOA communities.>65% of Florida homeowners are part of HOAs.Some 3.5 million Florida homes are part of HOA communities.Homeownership [...]

Beneficiaries 101: What to know about those who are designated to receive assets

Many estates include assets with beneficiaries already designated to them.  These include life insurance policies, investments accounts like IRAs and 401Ks and bank accounts.  Language naming beneficiaries in the contracts which govern these assets may supersede the language in a will.     In estate planning, it is important to understand the types of beneficiaries and how [...]

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Rental Mobile Home Parks in Florida

In the State of Florida, there are two major types of mobile home parks.  The first type is called a single-entity-owned park.  These parks lease the lots to residents who thus have a tenant/landlord relationship with the park.  The second type are resident-owned mobile home parks, where the residents each own both their mobile home and [...]

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Collecting Construction Debt

Collecting construction debt can be a challenging feat. Thankfully, there are tried and true processes as well as experts to guide the way. Organizing Your Paperwork Many debts are due to unresolved disputes.  Therefore, step one in collecting a debt is creating a solid defense of the case for making full payment as billed.  In [...]


Who’s Who in an HOA?

A homeowner's association (HOA) is an organization that governs a planned community or condominium building.  It consists of members, directors and officers and enforces rules across all of the association’s common area property as well as rules imposed upon owners and residents. Homeowners who are members of a homeowners association (HOA) may want to understand [...]

Q&A: Florida HOA Board Member Certification

In order to ensure all board members of homeowners associations (HOAs), condo associations, mobile home associations and co-op associations are up to speed on applicable regulations, board members are required to obtain a certification.  Question: How much time do board members have to complete the certification course and pass the test? Answer: Board directors must [...]

Florida Property Taxes by the Numbers

The following numbers are a breakdown of important dates and statistics for property taxpayers in Florida.  Taxpayers can take this information into consideration when deciding whether to appeal their property taxes each year. .83% is the average effective property tax rate in Florida, lower than the national average of 1.08% South Florida average county tax [...]