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Why Companies Need a Business Lawyer

If you are in business in any capacity it is advisable that you seek the proactive legal assistance of a lawyer with experience in the specific areas of law that pertain to companies at different stages of development.   Proactively hiring a business lawyer can significantly save company owners time, money and hassle in the future.  [...]

Preparing for the Unexpected With Buy-Sell Agreements

An important part of running any successful business is taking steps to plan for the future. While business partners may enter a business endeavor planning to stay for the long haul, life may bring about unexpected events that result in the departure of one or more business partners. Preparing a well-crafted buy-sell agreement can protect [...]

The Pros and Cons of Using a Trust for Real Estate Investment

When investors choose to acquire property in Florida, they often do so via a Limited Liability Company LLC.  One alternative to the LLC is to hold the property in a trust. There are distinct advantages to using a trust, though the disadvantages should carefully be weighed-in to determine if a trust is the right [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Registered Agents

What is a Registered Agent? Sometimes called a statutory agent, agent of process or resident agent, the registered agent receives service of process on behalf of a business. Who can be a Registered Agent? Companies may choose to make a principal, employee, third party administrator or the company's legal counsel the Registered Agent. In [...]

Should We Form A Partnership?

South Florida Law frequently assists individuals and businesses in entity formations that fit their specific needs.  These include LLC's for real estate investment, C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs for general business purposes and partnerships.  Along with Florida's single proprietorships, corporations account for over 75% of the state's active businesses. Partnerships could be beneficial to certain [...]

The Real Estate LLC Holding Company: Clear Benefits and Areas to Beware

Setting up an LLC for your real estate investment can have pros and cons. Retain an experienced real estate attorney to make sure that your LLC is set-up and run in a way that avoids the pitfalls. The modern Limited Liability Company first began in Wyoming in 1977. The first LLCs were primarily small oil [...]

Before You Move To Florida…

“Need to Know” Tax and Legal Matters Related to Florida Residency Welcome to Sunny Florida! This time of year, thousands of people across the Northern Hemisphere from New York to London to Moscow dream of buying a house in the Miami area and making Florida their home. The attorneys of South Florida Law PLLC specialize [...]

Should I Start a New Business?

I ndividuals or company representatives may consider creating a new business for a number of different reasons.  Knowing the legal pros and cons of each option could be a major factor in the success of a start-up. Perhaps a company planning a new brand, partnership, revenue stream, territory, product or service may benefit from [...]

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