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Construction Liens? Hire an Experienced Construction Lawyer

Florida’s Construction Lien Law is a complex array of processes and documentation which creates a number of potential pitfalls for owners and contractors alike.  Best navigated by a construction lawyer, lien law is rooted in Part 1 of Florida Statute 713 and consists of 47 sections and nearly 30,000 words.  Due to the labyrinthian size [...]


The Four Levels of Dispute Resolution

When involved in a conflict, parties have a number of resolution options at their disposal. Starting from the least costly in terms of resources to the lengthiest and most expensive, these options are prevention, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Prevention Before embarking on a business relationship with any party, it is important to anticipate the potential [...]


Commercial Lease Disputes

Disputes between companies and their commercial landlords are not uncommon.  In such commercial lease dispute cases, a number of recurring issues form the majority of matters that end up being adjudicated by legal action. The issues at the heart of most commercial landlord and tenant commercial lease disputes are duty to repair, early lease terminations [...]


Remote Work During the COVID-19 Shutdown

In the last 10 days, we have seen a drastic change in our daily lives due to the latest Coronavirus (COVID19).  One of these changes is the sudden requirement to work remotely. For millions, that means work from home rather than in an office environment.  While modern technology makes many jobs “doable from home”, there [...]

Common Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases include auto accidents and trucking accidents; slip and fall or trip and fall accidents; pool and poolside accidents; intentional torts and more.  Many injuries can be life threatening and potentially result in wrongful death actions brought by the survivors of the accident victim. More commonly, people survive their accidents and become a [...]

FAQs: How to Protect Yourself From Underinsured and Uninsured Drivers

If you drive in the State of Florida, then it is very important to be aware of the amount of underinsured and uninsured drivers in your midst.  Over 25% of drivers on Florida's roads were completely uninsured in a 2015 statistic, making it the state with the nation's highest number of uninsured motorists.  Jared Newman, [...]

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