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Florida Property Taxes by the Numbers

The following numbers are a breakdown of important dates and statistics for property taxpayers in Florida.  Taxpayers can take this information into consideration when deciding whether to appeal their property taxes each year. .83% is the average effective property tax rate in Florida, lower than the national average of 1.08% South Florida average county tax [...]

Five Steps to Multijurisdictional Estate Planning

For many, the warmer climate and a lack of state income tax make Florida an attractive location for people to take up residence for at least a part of the year.  Many people from other US states as well as other countries make this decision every year. For these individuals and families, a multijurisdictional estate [...]

Property Tax and Property Tax Appeals in Florida

Florida is one of a handful of US states that does not charge an income tax.  Local governments however do receive revenue from property taxes that are charged each year to property owners throughout the state. Commercial and residential property owners may file property tax appeals if they disagree with the amount that they are [...]

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Property Tax Appeals: Don’t Overpay for Residential Property Tax

Property Tax Appeals: If you own residential real estate in Florida, you are likely required to pay residential property tax. Smart residential property owners can carefully review their property valuation to ensure the amount they are paying is accurate. Overvalued property assessments are not unusual, and therefore it is essential that residential property owners take [...]

Don’t Overpay for Commercial Property Tax

If you own commercial real estate in Florida then you are required to pay commercial property tax. Even so, smart commercial property owners can carefully review their commercial property valuation to ensure the amount they are paying is accurate. Overvalued property assessments are not unusual, and therefore it is essential that commercial property owners take [...]

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How Do I Pay My Property Taxes in 2020?

In the middle of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, many people have been hit with financial distress due to job losses and other loss of income.  Despite extensions made for income tax and other official payments, property taxes for your Florida county are still due this year. However, there are options you can take to help [...]

House Flipping: Four Legal Areas to Beware

Do you make - or plan to make money using a house flipping business model?  If so, here are a few of the legal aspects of the house flipping business model to look out for in Florida. FHA Restrictions Many homes that fall into the category of “flippable” may be located in areas dominated by [...]

Airbnb Owners: Beware of these Five Legal Pitfalls

Airbnb and Vrbo are the most popular of several "peer-to-peer" online services that allow you to share a residence you own with visitors for a fee. These platforms provide an excellent way to earn money either as a side income or as a full-time business. Despite its many advantages in terms of independence and being [...]

Florida Residency: Before You Move To Florida…

“Need to Know” Tax and Legal Matters Related to Florida Residency Welcome to Sunny Florida! This time of year, thousands of people across the Northern Hemisphere from New York to London to Moscow dream of buying a house in the Miami area and making Florida their home. The attorneys of South Florida Law PLLC specialize [...]

It’s Property Tax Season: Appeal Your Property Tax Before You Pay It

Are you a property owner in the State of Florida?  If so, you need to pay property tax. However, the amount your county has asked you to pay them may be too high.  In this case, you have the right to appeal the amount for which you have been assessed. South Florida Law PLLC [...]