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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Title Insurance

Lawyers from South Florida Law are some of South Florida’s most active real estate closing attorneys.  In addition to being a full-service real estate law firm, South Florida Law is also a title insurance company providing title search and title insurance policies to buyers when a property is purchased.    With offices in Hollywood, Hallandale [...]

The Role and Responsibilities of a Closing Attorney

The process of closing a real estate deal, whether commercial or residential, consists of many moving parts.  Once a buyer finds a property they would like to purchase, there are a number of steps that have to be taken such as appraising the property, conducting a title search and a physical inspection. Closing attorneys representing [...]

Real Estate Closing Costs

Real estate closing costs are fees paid by borrowers to their lender, by buyers and sellers to a governmental subdivision, by either party to vendors and to title insurers. When calculating the costs related to a real estate transaction, it is important to be aware of these costs because they can be significant. With the [...]

Managing Risk in Commercial Real Estate Investments

Being a commercial real estate investor can be extremely lucrative since commercial property leases tend to yield more for the property owner than residential leases of similarly-sized properties. In addition, commercial real estate leases also have longer durations with tenants staying in the property for much longer than the typical residential lease.  Like residential real [...]

The Role of Commercial Title Search in Commercial Real Estate Sales

Commercial title search is a key component in any commercial real estate transaction. Without title searches, the buyers and sellers of properties would likely find the risks of selling and buying too high to proceed. By developing a strong understanding of commercial title search and the role it plays in commercial real estate, businesses can [...]

House Flipping: Four Legal Areas to Beware

Do you make - or plan to make money using a house flipping business model?  If so, here are a few of the legal aspects of the house flipping business model to look out for in Florida. FHA Restrictions Many homes that fall into the category of “flippable” may be located in areas dominated by [...]

How Easement Law Affects Your Real Estate Investment

Easement law grants others access to owned property and can come in official and unofficial forms. Easements can start with an agreement or simply evolve over time. Here, we explore what an easement is and what legal matters may arise around the concept of non-owner property use and access. What is an Easement? An [...]