Medicaid Eligibility Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

For Medicaid eligibility, there are a set number of activities that the program takes into consideration when determining whether to approve an applicants request for coverage. These are in addition to Medicaid means testing in which the program reviews assets and income to determine Medicaid eligibility.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) for Medicaid Eligibility

  1.      Dressing or putting on clothes

  2.      Walking

  3.      Transferring from a bed or chair to a standing position and back

  4.      Bathing/Showering

  5.      Feeding

  6.      Using a toilet  

Cannot do 1 ADL without assistance = Eligible for “Adult Care”*

Cannot do 2 ADLs without assistance = Eligible for “Assisted Living”*

Cannot do 3 or more ADLs without assistance or received a diagnosis of dementia = Eligible for “Nursing Home Care”*

* Must also meet strict income and asset means testing for eligibility

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